Hovercraft test driving! Get a fun!

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Hovercraft test drive information

We can offer hovercraft test drive to folk who want to try this fun for themselves, or provide a special surprise for a loved one. This time our company has dealers in UK and Jersey, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Estonia and Latvia, and Indonesia, some of whom are offering rides to members of the public.

Hovercrafts are big fun and everybody who sees Hov Pod is impressed by how these air cushion vehicles work, and wonder what it is like to drive hovercraft. Many people want to get test drive on a Hov Pod, and perhaps driving one themselves. Hov Pods are capable of flight over fields, lakes, ice and water, and riding on a cushion of air, they can turn 180 degrees, spin 360, turn corners sideways at speeds at up to 40 miles per hour! Hover right down the slipway and over the lake, then straight up the beach - no need to get trailers in the water for recovery, we can just drive on out!

If you are planning a corporate event, or special celebration (hover down the aisle?) we will do our best to put you in touch with a local Hov Pod operator. Hovercraft is far more fun than the usual stuff you get to do at corporate events, so if you get tired of paint ball and quad bikes, organise a Hov Pod event! (If you would like details of how to purchase a Hov Pod for rental work, please contact us through our dealer opportunity contact form)

First Drive Training Video

Precision Landing

Spin and Away Training Video

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