Personal hovercraft manufacturer specification

detailed technical information about hover airboats


Technical information

Hov Pod SPX 65Three person leisure version with Rotax (582) 65 HP 2-stroke Engine
Hov Pod SPX 72 or 120 Turbo VersionPatrol, Rescue or Commercial with Weber 72 HP or 120 HP Turbo 4-stroke Engine

Standard Hov Pod Dimensions, Operation, Construction & Performance
Dimensions Length 3.63m, Width 1.86m, Height 1.49m Length 11.9 feet, Width 6.1 feet, Height 4.89 feet Large enough for three adults, or one adult and three small children. Easy to control and manoeuvre. Small enough to tow easily.
Trailer (Option) Fully galvanized construction with 4-coated rollers, winch and front and rear location stops. Fast 1-minute unload/reload. Operated by one person with no need for lifting.
Hover Height 0.25m 9 inches Able to clear many obstacles.
Speed (On Water) 40 to 45 mph 64 km/h, (Cruise speed 20mph - 35 km/h) Extreme fun
Operating Conditions Inshore water – recommended up to Force 4 Beaufort Wind Scale. Tested in up to Force 7 conditions. Very stable craft with low centre of gravity, with full floatation for safety.
Fuel Tank Portable 25 Litre, 6.6 US Gallons or Fixed 33 Litre 8.7 US Gallons (4 stroke engine) Quick and easy lift out and replace. Fully ventilated for safety.
Consumption Depends on engine selected, request specific product specification sheets. Excellent fuel economy
Unladen Weight Depends on engine selected, request specific product specification sheets. Easy to transport. Very rigid and durable construction.
Max Payload Up to 325 Kilos depending on engine and operating conditions. Can take three adults, or one adult and three children up to max payload.
Power Rotax® 65 HP 582 Two Cylinder 2-Stroke Micro-lite Engine with dual electronic ignition system and twin carbs. Or Weber 4 stroke engines, 72 or 120HP Turbo version. Proven in 1000’s of hour’s use and testing in harsh saltwater conditions in Africa, Caribbean and Middle east. Simple design giving high reliability & great ease of servicing. Enclosed rear mounted single engine system. Minimal electrics and electronics. Simple twin carburetor design.
Noise Reduction AMNR System (Air Management Noise Reduction) Combination of large duct with unrestricted airflow and fan blade adjustment ensures maximum airflow to reduce excessive engine revs and fan blade speed. Low Noise levels
Noise Reduction Aluminised exhaust with after muffler, Rotax noise reduction package supplied. Low noise levels. Maximum corrosion protection at high heat levels.
Air Filter and Intake Silencer Rotax supplied air intake system, part of the Rotax noise reduction package supplied. Low noise levels.
Drive Arrangement Engine Position: Floor mounted Rotax engine Drive: High strength Gates® Powergrip belt Propulsion: 1m duct with Multi-Wing® 5Z blades Low center of gravity. Great stability and ease of control. High efficiency, low RPM drive system. Low noise levels.

Dimensions, Operation, Construction & Performance
Starting Electric syart console operated option with Rotax, Weber engines are fitted with electric start as standard. Dual electronic ignition system makes starting easy
Battery Fully sealed 45 amp-hour battery, isolated from fuel storage. High power for repeated starting. No dangerous acid or inflammable gas leakage.
Circuit protection Marine grade ETA® circuit breakers Quick and easy circuit re-set. No need to carry spare fuses.
Charge System No Load 12V Rectified Additional 12V electrical items can be fitted
Electrical Connections IP 67 sealed snap connectors. IP 67 sealed termination boxes. IP 67 Rating gives protection against water ingress. Quick service access & Inspection
Hull Materials Reinforced GRP quadraxial mat and isolthalic resin with enclosed sandwich-reinforcing core. Developed for aerospace use. A material of choice for high-performance boats. Load points fully reinforced. Rigid construction. Quality built for long-term marine use. Lightweight high strength quadraxial mat means the craft has much enhanced strength and impact resistance than lighter or similar weight craft.
Skirt 65 separate reinforced Hypalon / nylon segments, 200 gsm. Optional upgrade to thicker 375 gsm available for commercial applications. Impact absorbing air cushion. Accidental damage limited to separate segments. Continued operation with damaged segments. Quick replacement independent segments. Hypalon/Nylon is the best available material as used in all RIB’s. UV and salt water resistant
Storage Large under seat drop-in tray. Sealed front storage pocket. Forward under seat storage compartment. Handy storage for food drinks and ice. Storage for equipment. Quick & easy access for essential items such as mobile phone or portable GPS meter. Storage for bulky items and safety gear.
Side Impact Protection Rubber protection bumper strip Hidden aluminium impact plate. Protection from minor scratches and knocks.No exposed GRP. Aluminium plate absorbs impact. Damage impact transferred by aluminium strip to thickest hull section.
Hull Protection The SPX High Density PE construction is far stronger than glass fibre, and fitted with aluminium runner, protection plates and wear bolts. Thick impact protection, far safer than single skin construction. Rigid, solid hull construction.
Hull Protection Twin longitudinal aluminium skids, Kevlar® wear patches, aluminium impact and wear plates. Absorbs and transmits impacts. Prolongs life of hull. Easy replacement of wear edges.
Seat Deep padded upholstered inline seating (optional) Very comfortable ride.
Engine covers Two stage cover with 90° latch system Fast removal for inspection and easy access for service work. Excellent water ingress protection to engine bay. Noise containing design.
Buoyancy Positive enclosed polystyrene chambers with reinforced foam sandwich buoyancy core floor. Side & floor buoyancy for maximum stability when stopped. Fully approved & independently tested by government agencies.
Driver Controls Handlebar steering with Progrip® twist grip throttle. Uniquely simple instinctive operation and ease of use. Can be trained to operate in minutes
Steering Stainless Steel Teleflex® marine cable 316 high chromium marine grade linkages 35° full flow balanced twin rudders Non-corroding for reliability & ease of service. Stylish marine standard polished finish. Fingertip lightweight control. No need for excessive body movement to steer craft (unlike competitor craft)
Driver Controls Engine kill safety lanyard Safety engine stop.
Safety Hydro-Turf™ Non slip footwell mats For driver and passenger safety.
Fit for purpose Stainless steel towing hook For strength and non-corrosion in salt-water environments.
Driver Controls Adjustable mirrors
Tachometer, CHT & EGT gauges (Optional)
For safety on take-off.
Full engine information & monitoring.
Comfort Latch operated drain plugs Fast operation for easy drainage.
Safety Hull cleats For ease of mooring and handling.
Comfort Passenger grab handles For comfort and safety.
Safety Rear and front guard For protection of craft and passengers.
Safety IAPSS air feed system Confidence and ease of use. Craft designed to prevent plough in. No need for additional craft controls to prevent digging in.
Maintenance Full manual Comprehensive & detailed manual.
All specifications are subject to change without notice. Hov Pod is a trademark of Reaction International Ltd.