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Hovercraft details

Hov Pod SPX 65

Three person leisure version with Rotax (582) 65 HP 2-stroke Engine.

Hov Pod SPX 72

Patrol, Rescue or Commercial with Weber 72 HP 4-stroke Engine.

Hov Pod SPX 120 Turbo Version

Patrol, Rescue or Commercial with Weber 120 HP Turbo 4-stroke Engine

*Please Note: On land, these hovercrafts will take an additional 25% more weight. We quote onwater payload as many small hovercraft have poor lifting capacity during onwater starting, so be sure to check payload ratings of competitive amphibious craft.

Colored hovercraft model

Colored hovercraft model

As used by The United Nations World Food Program

UN hovercraft

Custom colors to suit Rescue, Patrol or Commercial amphibious vehicles.

Commercial hovercraft

Commercial Hovercraft

Commercial Hovercraft will help you operate in terrain that would cause problems for off road vehicles or boats:

Sand, Wetlands, Water, Swamps, Rivers, Rapids, Shallow Deltas, Tarmac, Ice


There are many hovercraft options available, for example, electric start, custom designed trailer, comfortable upholstery seating, gauge control panel, accessory kit, spares kit, bilge pump, thicker skirt material, flashing lights, search light, lifting eyes for use as a yacht tender.

We are unable to provide: hovercraft plans, instructions for how to build a hovercraft, how to make a hovercraft info. All of our hovercrafts are factory assembled using new parts and engines.

Hovercraft accessories

Hover craft options

Hovercraft lights

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Pricing Policy

Due to the large number of currencies, options, variables such as shipping costs and tax (Vat or Import Duty) that it is not possible to provide price information on this website. Please contact us to find the name of your nearest supplier for local pricing or demonstration.

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Hover craft flying on the water

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